SnowBall Blaster™ - New Edition

Need the perfect gift? Now the whole family can blast snowballs all day long. Simply place snow in the snowball press to make 3 perfect snowballs, place the balls in the launcher and BLAST away!

SnowBall Blaster™ Features:

• New & Improved Launching Mechanism
   = Easier to Pull for Even Greater Distance!
• Built-In Snowball Press
• Launch a Snowball over 100 feet!
• Vinyl Target Included
• Bonus Arctic Force™ Sticker

SnowBall Blaster™ Solo

The younger brother to the SnowBall Blaster, the Solo is a force to be reckon with. Featuring a specially engineered launching mechanism, this blaster is very easy to pull – perfect for the younger members of Arctic Force™.

SnowBall Blaster™ Solo Features:

• Easy to Pull Mechanism
    - Perfect for Younger Kids !!
• Compact Version of the SBB
• Launches Snowballs up to 50 feet
• Single SnowBall Press on Top
• Vinyl Target Included
• Bonus Arctic Force™ Sticker

Snow Trac-Ball®

Do you need a more compact and portable blaster to complete your snow arsenal? The Snow Trac-Ball® was specifically designed to quickly make snowballs and launch them in the blink of an eye.

Snow Trac-Ball® Features:

• Make & Chuck the
   Perfect Snowball in Seconds
• Built-In Snowball Maker
• Sling a Snowball 50% Farther
   Than You Can Throw
• Bonus Arctic Force™ Sticker

Arctic Force™ Fun Pack

From the success of the SnowBall Blaster, Arctic Force™ was born. This exciting new Brand features an assortment of snow toys designed for your local snowball fight!

Fun Pack Includes:

• 2 Snow Trac-Ball®
• 1 SnowBall Blaster™ Solo
• Vinyl Target Included
• Bonus Arctic Force™ Sticker

• Makes a Great Holiday Gift!